[Look] Fallen SAF’s daughter sends message to ‘Tatay Digong: ‘Help me seek justice for my Dad’

  • A daughter of one of the fallen SAF 44 has sent Duterte a message
  • She was asking Duterte’s help in seeking justice for her dad
  • A photo of the girl sitting on Duterte’s lap while reading the message is going viral on Facebook

MANILA, Philippines – Camille Pabalinas was only three years old when her father, the late Senior Inspector Ryan Pabalinas, one of the fallen Special Action Force (SAF) operatives, left for Mamasapano in Maguindanao last January 25, 2015.

Just like her mother, Erica, she also tried to persuade her father against going to the battle. And like her mother, she also failed to convince her dad, who, like any other soldier, had put their duty to the country first before their family.

Pabalinas died on that fateful, bloody Sunday and his wife has since called for justice; not only for her husband but for the 43 other SAF troopers and their families as well.

Camille’s last words to her dad, her mother recalled in that emotional speech last year, was: “Daddy, huwag ka na lang umalis kasi gabi na. Baka kunin ka lang po ng mga bad guys.”

[Daddy, please don’t go because it’s late. The bad guys might only get you.]

Two years later, she was sitting on the lap of President Rodrigo Duterte, the new president on whom they put their hopes and trust anew in finally getting the elusive justice the past administration supposedly failed to give them.

Image from Carmella Anne A. Tero’s Facebook post

Camille wrote a simple message for Duterte and Senator Allan Peter Cayetano. It read: “Dear Tatay Digong Tito Alan Please help me to seek justice for my Daddy and his men.”

It was scribbled in an innocent writing a 6-year-old could afford. But the message was clear, and there is no doubt that it broke the heart of ‘Tatay Digong’ and ‘Tito Alan’.

It was simply signed: “Love, Camille Pabalinas.”

The photo of Camille with Duterte and Cayetano was posted on Facebook by a netizen named Carmella Anne A. Tero and touched the heart of many people.

But even before Camille wrote the poignant message, President Duterte has already vowed to reopen the Mamasapano investigation and wants a special commission to revisit the events of the massacre so that those responsible for the deaths of the fallen 44 will be brought to justice.