Malacañang to CBCP: Before attributing EJKs to gov’t, suggest solutions on fighting crime

  • Palace official said CBCP should help gov’t fight crime instead of throwing EJK accusations
  • She defended Duterte on tirades against Church officials, said he is only human
  • She said despite his outbursts, he still works hard

MANILA, Philippines – Communications Assistant Secretary Ana Maria Banaag defended President Rodrigo Duterte amid his ongoing verbal tussle with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP); saying it would be better for the latter to suggest anti-crime solutions instead of attributing the extrajudicial killings (EJKS) to the administration.

“However the CBCP may claim it, perhaps they might suggest solutions on how to go about the problem and help the government before they make judgments about all these EJKs and attribute it to the President or the administration,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted her as saying. “Perhaps it would be better if we help each other or perhaps give suggestion on what to do with the problem then maybe it’s best to talk, rather than to argue on who’s right or who’s wrong.”

Banaag also asked critics not to be too harsh on Duterte for his outbursts or mistakes especially since he’s also only human.

“Tao din lang naman ang ating presidente ‘di ba [Our president is also human right]? He is a working president. He works hard, he gets tired. Sometimes he gets annoyed,” she said.

“But at the end of the day, I hope we can give our president also some allowance for mistakes. Kung may pagkukulang man siya sa pananalita, at least nagta-trabaho naman siya [If he has inadequacies in terms of his language, at least he works],” she added.

Duterte has been locking horns with the CBCP on the EJK issue; saying the latter had no moral high ground to lecture him due to its members’ own indiscretions.