Miss France is 65th Miss Universe!

MANILA, Philippines – Miss France Iris Mittenaere has won the much-coveted crown in the 65th Miss Universe coronation event recently held at the Mall of Asia (MOA) in Pasay City on Monday, January 30.

Also declared second runner-up was Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar; while Miss Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier took the first runner-up title.

All 86 candidates put their best foot forward in this pageant and have donned their national costume, swimwear  and evening wear.

The 86 Miss Universe candidates were first down to 13 in the first round of elimination, then to 9 in the next round, then to 6 before the Final 3.

Miss Philippines Maxine Medina, meanwhile, has made it to the Top 6 but failed to advance to the top 3.

Nevertheless, the 26-year-old Filipina beauty from Quezon City, easily one of the crowd favorites, stands out in her green –and-white two-piece bikini during the swimsuit competition.

The candidates who made it to the Top 13 are:

  1. Miss Kenya – Mary Were
  2. Miss Indonesia – Kezia Warouw
  3. Miss USA –             Deshauna Barber
  4. Miss Mexico –             Kristal Silva
  5. Miss Peru – Valeria Piazza
  6. Miss Panama – Keity Drennan
  7. Miss Colombia – Andrea Tovar
  8. Miss Philippines – Maxine Medina
  9. Miss Canada – Siera Berchell
  10. Miss Brazil – Raissa Santana
  11. Miss France – Iris Mittenaere
  12. Miss Haiti – Raquel Pelissier
  13. Miss Thailand – Chalita Suansane

Meanwhile, the Top 9 are:

  1. Miss USA
  2. Miss Thailand
  3. Miss France
  4. Miss Mexico
  5. Miss Kenya
  6. Miss Colombia
  7. Miss Canada
  8. Miss Haiti
  9. Miss Philippines

The Top 6 are:

1. Miss France
2. Miss Kenya
3. Miss Colombia
4. Miss Philippines
5. Miss Thailand
6. Miss Haiti

The remaining Top 3 who battled it out at the question-and- answer portion are:

  1. Miss Colombia – Second Runner Up
  2. Miss Haiti – First Runner Up
  3. Miss France – Miss Universe 2016