Netizen shares video about ‘rude’ taxi driver, but gets bashed for their own ‘arrogance’ instead

  • A father-and-daughter tandem accused a taxi driver of being arrogant
  • The driver allegedly refused to take them to their agreed destination
  • But the video apparently showed a different story
  • The poster has since been bashed by angry netizens
Image from Gabriella Louise Lopez Facebook posts

A netizen uploaded a video on social media about their encounter with a supposedly ‘rude’ taxi driver with whom they argued with over an agreed destination; probably hoping to get sympathy from social media.

To their dismay, however, they were instead lambasted by commenters who watched the video.

The video was accompanied by a narrative post detailing the cause of the argument; saying the driver allegedly refused to take them to a nearby Mercury Drug store to buy some medicine.

The poster even described the driver as ‘mayabang’ [arrogant] and ‘walang malasakit’ [having no compassion]. But apparently, the video showed a different story.

Commenters criticized the father-and-daughter for being rude to the driver who was only trying to earn a living. They also lambasted the two for refusing to pay the meter worth P180.

Image from Gabriella Louise Lopez Facebook posts

The poster, who’s a female, has now became infamous on social media and netizens tagged her as the “Taxi Girl”. She also deactivated her account after getting mercilessly bashed by angry commenters.

Below are her posts and videos.


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