Netizens commend deaf Uber driver after he gave impeccable service to his passenger

  • A photo of a deaf Uber driver went viral after his passenger shared it online
  • The passenger was awed by the service she got from the driver despite his handicap
  • The driver lost his hearing during his stint in the Philippine Army

A photo of a deaf Uber driver has gone viral after it was shared by his passenger on Twitter.

The passenger, a lady named Deen Samson, was awed by the driver because he gave her an impeccable service despite his handicap. You see, the driver is deaf or hearing-impaired.

In a photo Ms. Samson posted on Twitter, a note can be seen hanging at the back of the driver’s seat so passengers can clearly see it. The note read: “Your Uber driver is hard of hearing due to his service in the Philippine Army. Please be patient with him. Thank you.”

Ms. Samson captioned her post with “I salute you kuya for your service.”

Her tweet was retweeted more than 2,500 times and “liked” by over 15,700 social media users.

Another Twitter user, named Charity, said she also got the same deaf driver a couple of weeks ago. She shared that manong driver lost his hearing due to a cannon fire in Sulu.

These kind of people who do their job well and with honesty truly deserves commendation!

Source :

Inquirer, TNP, Twitter