One of the things Pia Wurtzbach realized as reigning Miss Universe: There’s really much more to life than just pageants

  • Pia Wurtzbach has learned a lot of things during her reign as Miss Universe 2015
  • One of the things she learned is that there is really much more to life than just pageants
  • She expressed gratitude to Miss Universe President-on-Board Paula Shugart for making her realize that she also has to do what she wants and the things that make her happy

One of the things that Pia Wurtzbach learned during her reign as the Miss Universe 2015 is that there is much more to life than just pageants.

In an article written by FM Ganal of PEP, it was disclosed that Wurtzbach said she is really thankful to Miss Universe President-on-Board Paula Shugart.

“She’s very hands-on with me and she really tries to teach me how to love myself. She knows that I can be hard on myself and I’m a student kasi e, and I try to please everybody. She knows that I take it too seriously. Sometimes nagigil ako na, ‘Yes! More work! Let’s do this, let’s do that,” she shared.

Schugart, however, keeps on reminding her not to be too hard on herself.

“She tells me, ‘Pia, slow down. What do you want? What does Pia want? What will make Pia happy?’ And then, you know, that’s when I realized that there’s really much more to life than just pageants,” stated the beauty queen who won the Miss Universe crown in December 2015.

Meanwhile, Wurtzbach gave a piece of advice to her followers.

“There’s really no need to change. You just have to improve on yourself. Sometimes you make mistakes and that’s okay. One thing I learned is that it’s not good to try to change yourself or try to copy anybody…. You know, especially in my position, in this line of work being Miss Universe. You have a lot of people… telling you, ‘You should be more of like this and more of like that.’ But I keep reminding myself and Miss Universe, the organization, they also always remind me that you won for a reason and you won because you are who you are,” she said.

The next Miss Universe pageant will be held this January at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Philippines.

Days before the next Miss Universe pageant, let’s watch again the moment when Wurtzbach was declared as the Miss Universe 2015: