Pia Wurtzbach on Maxine Medina’s terno gaffe: She honestly didn’t know

  • Maxine Medina mistakenly identified former First Lady Imelda Marcos as the inventor of the terno
  • Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach came to the defense of Medina
  • She asked the Filipinos to support Medina in her fight for the Miss Universe crown

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach defended Maxine Medina after the latter had once again become a subject of criticism when she mistakenly identified former First Lady Imelda Marcos as the inventor of the terno in a pre-recorded video shown during the preliminary pageant on Thursday, January 26.

According to an article published by CNN Philippines, the beauty queen emphasized that what happened was a mistake.

She said: “It wasn’t done intentionally. She honestly did not know. Are we really going to put our girl down because of a statement like that?”

Wurtzbach added that our countrymen should just support Medina in her fight for the Miss Universe 2016 crown.

“We should be celebrating because she’s made it so far already. This girl has been training for months and months leading up to the competition and what she really needs now is encouragement, along with the other candidates. Three days na lang eh,” she said.

As for Medina, she addressed her mistake and apologized; saying: “Miss Imelda Marcos popularized, just popularized the butterfly sleeves — not invent! So sorry for that.”

This is not the first time that Medina became a subject of negative comments.

In fact, her alleged poor command of the English language prompted a lot of people to say that it is best for her to use an interpreter in case she makes it to the Top 5 of the Miss Universe coronation on Monday, January 30.

Medina’s family agreed with the people’s opinion that she will benefit if she indeed uses an interpreter.

According to an article published by ABS-CBN News, her sister, Ferica said that it’s actually strategic.

She explained: “Kapag may interpreter tayo ay mas makakapag-isip siya, mas makakapag-compose siya ng thoughts niya and mas madadalian siya. And kung gagamit siya noon, mas mae-express niya iyong sarili niya.”

[If there’s an interpreter, she can think more, she’’d be able to compose her thoughts and she’ll find it easier. If she uses an interpreter, she’ll be able to express herself better.]

Medina’s mother, Maria Fe, said that there’s nothing wrong if our country’s bet uses an interpreter because there are other candidates who will definitely use interpreters as well.

As for Medina, she said in a previous interview that if using an interpreter will increase her chance of winning the crown. she’ll use one.

News Central quoted her as saying: “Well, I’m here to win.”