PNP chief declares war against scalawags in uniform, creates task force to run after them

• PNP Chief De la Rosa creates a task force that will go after scalawags in uniform
• The counter-intelligence task force will be composed of 100 good cops
• It will be directly under the Office of the PNP Chief

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald De la Rosa announced Monday, January 30, the creation of a special task force in a bid to eliminate scalawags in the police organization.

The creation of counter-intelligence task force is in response to President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive to the PNP Chief to eradicate scalawags and criminals in the police force.

As mentioned in a GMA News article dated January 30, 2017, De la Rosa said the task force to be created will be directly under his office.

“Wala itong gagawin, wala itong ibang misyon, kundi habulin, to run after all scalawags in the PNP. Kaya kayong mga sindikatong pulis, tignan natin ngayon, lumaban kayo para kayo mamatay, papatayin kayo nitong counter-intelligence task force. Lahat ng mga scalawag, from PO1 to general, this will be your enemy,” he said.

[It will do nothing, it has no other mission, except to run after scalawags in the PNP. So, you police scalawags, let’s see, fight back so you will die, the counter-intelligence group will kill you]

The task force will be composed of 100 police officers, De la Rosa said; emphasizing that only good cops would be included in the group.