QC Mayor Herbert Bautista to kids: It’s okay to serve but not to be politicians

  • Actor-turned-politician Herbert Bautista said he discourages his children to enter politics
  • Bautista said he always tell them that it is okay to serve but not in a way that they will enter politics
  • He also does not encourage his kids with ex-partner Tates Gana to enter show business

It is okay to serve but not to be politicians.

This was the advice of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista to his children with his ex-partner Tates Gana. In an article written by Glenn Regondola of PEP, it was disclosed that Bautista discourages his children to follow his footsteps in being part of politics.

“Okay to serve, pero not to be politicians. That would be their decisions in the future. (I cannot do anything about it.) But I’ll tell them kung ano ‘yung ano… ‘yung haharapin nila diyan,” he said.

[Okay to serve, but not to be politicians. That would be their decisions in the future. I cannot do anything about it. But I’ll tell them what they will have to face once they enter politics.]

He stressed, however, that the important things are to serve and to protect the family.

“The most important thing is, number one is to serve; and the second one is to protect the name of the family,” the actor-turned-politician noted.

Bautista, who graduated from San Beda College of Manila with a degree in Philosophy and Letters, is the youngest bachelor vice mayor ever elected in Quezon City.

At a young age, Bautista’s achievements as a politician have been remarkable. From 1986 to 1989, he was President of the Barangay National Federation, appointed ex-officio City Councilor representing the Youth sector of Quezon City. From 1192 to 1995, he was elected councilor of Quezon City and chairperson of the Committee of Tourism and Cultural Affairs of Quezon City.

In 2010, he won as the mayor in a landslide victory.