Sandara Park speaks up about the rumor she and Bigbang’s G-Dragon are dating

  • Sandara speaks up about the rumor that she and G-Dragon are dating
  • She said she doesn’t date at work
  • Sandara and G-Dragon are both talents of YG Entertainment

Rumors spread that Sandara Park and G-Dragon of Big Bang, a South Korean boy band, are a couple after a video that circulated online showed G-Dragon’s arm wrapped around Sandara’s shoulders as they were heading out from the venue where Big Bang held a concert.

Sandara decided to speak up to stop the further spread of the gossip.

During the filming of an episode of “Talking Street”, a new reality show to air on JTBC that aims to gain popularity by getting direct feedback through talking to people on the streets, Sandara denied she and G-Dragon are dating.

According to the Inquirer, Sandara said she didn’t expect that reporters would make an article about the incident at the concert hall.

“After watching Big Bang’s concert, I went to the after party, there were a lot of fans who followed, so we went out that way and I think they misinterpreted it. But I didn’t know that news or articles would be written about it with that kind of concept,” Sandara explained.

“People from the company (YG Entertainment) teased me, saying that G-Dragon had me in a headlock.”

She added, “I don’t date at work.”

G-Dragon and Sandara are both talents of YG Entertainment.