‘Spoiled brat’ kicks mom 5 times after not being allowed to play on the phone

  • A 10-year-old boy attacked his own mother for not being allowed to play on her mobile phone
  • The ‘spoiled brat’ kicked his mom at least 5 times in the body
  • The short clip has disgusted netizens and raises questions on how children in China are being raised amid its ‘one-child policy’

A disturbing video that questions how children are being raised in China amid its ‘one-child policy’ has been making the rounds on Chinese social groups; disgusting netizens and parents alike.

The short clip showed a boy kicking his own mother at least five times for supposedly not being allowed to play on her mobile phone. The video also showed the boy’s grandmother trying desperately to shield the woman from the boy’s attack.

The incident allegedly happened inside a Guangzhou hospital while the trio were waiting at a corridor.

According to Shanghaiist, the boy was around 10 years old. Apparently, he is a spoiled child and is probably a product of the country’s ‘one-child policy’.

“As an unintended consequence of its one-child policy, China has become infamous for its so-called “little emperors” only children that are given everything they need by their parents except discipline,” wrote Shanghaiist in its article.

Chinese netizens were quick to admonish not only the child for his rude and disrespectful behavior towards his own parent, but the parents as well for their being too lenient on him at home.

“It is the parents that are at fault here, not the child. They need to show the boy how to behave,” said one netizen on Weibo.

“If this were my kid, I would beat the snot out of him,” added another.

The video is believed to have been captured by another patient watching nearby, although the mother and the ‘spoiled child’ were not identified in the reports.

The video from Shanghaiist may be viewed here. [Click to open the link.]