#SquadGoal? Group of 5 kittens with synchronized move gains attention online

A group of five kittens is now gaining a lot of attention online because of their synchronized move.

On Facebook, Bored Panda posted a video of the kittens who cannot take their eyes off something. They just keep following with their eyes the thing that is being moved by the person in front of them.

“These kitties not only look alike, but have equally good reaction, and that’s what makes this video purrfect. Synchronised like Olympic divers, they can’t take their eyes off something in front of them. What could it be?” Bored Panda writer Rokas L wrote.

As of posting, the video has gained more than 44,000 reactions, nearly 18,000 shares, and over 1.3 million views.

You can follow these kittens on their Instagram account.

Meanwhile, let’s watch their ‘purrfect sync’: