‘Ungrateful’ Miss Colombia belittles hotel’s complimentary ‘gifts’, angers Filipino and Mexican netizens

  • Colombia’s bet to the 2017 Miss Universe has been tagged as ‘ungrateful’ and ‘racist’ by Filipino and Mexican netizens
  • She was captured on video making fun of her ‘Mexican accent’
  • She also ‘belittled’ the complimentary gifts she received from a hotel in Manila

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino and Mexican netizens are up in arms against Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar for her reaction, which was captured on video, to the complimentary gifts she received from a hotel in Manila.

Filipinos lambasted Colombia’s bet to the 2017 Miss Universe for supposedly belittling the free treats from the hotel, while Mexicans, on the other hand, were particularly angry because Tovar made fun about her ‘Mexican accent’.

A video has been shared on the Facebook page Pageanthology 101 showing Tovar reacting to the gifts.

Translated, she was supposed to have said: “… and little translucent and hallucinogen oranges. Look at that, it’s all orange. And what do you think my dears, I’m speaking like a Mexican … What are those fattening filths? Look at this.”

Netizens were quick to admonish Tovar for the alleged ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ remarks. The clip has since gone viral on You Tube.

Tovar is said to have apologized already for the incident, an article from Yahoo News said.

Nevertheless, her controversial reaction was a complete departure from her remarks after arriving in the country for the 2017 Miss Universe pageant.

Earlier, she was quoted to have told reporters: “I love the Philippines. It’s a big opportunity to be here in this amazing country. I am so excited for the pageant! And I want to know your culture, including your food.”

Watch the viral video from Pageanthology 101 You Tube channel: