[Video] Education student found dead at a bypass road in Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City  – The woman victim who was found dead on Friday, January 6, at a  bypass road in Zamboanga City has been identified.

Erica Jane Calunod Rosal, a 20-year-old Education student at  Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST), was identified by her parents through the clothes and shoes she was wearing, according to a Bombo Radyo story.

As per information gathered by Star FM Zamboanga, the supposedly graduating student had asked for permission from her parents to work on a thesis together with her classmates at Barangay Baliwasan.

Reports has it that she was last seen with three men and were purportedly on their way to Barangay Lunzura. However, she was found lifeless the following day and without her undergarments.

As of posting, an in-depth investigation is reportedly being conducted to determine the perpetrators involved in the student’s death.

Erica’s friends and classmates have expressed shock and disbelief over the tragic demise of “Ikang”, as she is fondly called, and who’s described as a cheerful and  supportive friend. Tributes poured in for the hapless victim who deserves justice.

Image capture of Facebook post by Erica’s friends

Meanwhile, a Facebook page, Emedia Mo, has shared a video in the locals’ language, Chavacano (or Philippine Creole Spanish which is a Spanish-based creole language spoken in parts of the Philippines, especially in and around the city of Zamboanga, by over 600,000 people). The caption says: CADAVER DEL 19 ANIOS MUJER YA ENCUNTRA NA LUBRIGO PORTION DEL. BYPASS ROAD NUAY PA IDENTIFICATION!…

[Body of a woman around 19 years old found in a portion of a bypass road. Identification still unknown.]

Commenters on the posted video called on their city government to take charge and to implement strong security, peace and order. Others are clamoring for  street lights and CCTVs as the bypass road is not really safe at all.


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  1. Meanwhile, a Facebook page, Emedia Mo, has shared a video in the locals’ dialect, Chavacano (described by many as broken Spanish).

    >>>> Chavacano is Chavacano and it is NOT a Broken Spanish because it was never spanish but a Creole Language called “Chavacano Language”. bdw, it is NOT also a mere dialect but a Language of its own birth right.

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