[VIDEO] Viral brothers recognized by their school, LGU; permanent job for father and house renovation to follow

Where are the parents?

When the photo of two brothers, Mateo and Jerico Baño, attending school went viral, people started asking “where are the parents?” Why aren’t they taking care of their kids?”

You see, the kids’ mother suffered ectopic pregnancy which cost her her life. The widower,  Mat Baño, had since then looked after his three children despite the odds, but of course, he has to work and no one was left to take care of the two-year-old toddler when the elder boys went to school. So in order not to skip their classes, Mateo and elder brother Angelo would take turns babysitting their youngest sibling while in class.

Mateo’s Grade 3 Teacher Shyla Mie Brillantes Blasico at the J.Blanco Elementary School in South Cotabato, while taking pity on the kids’ plight, also expressed admiration over the boys’ determination to keep attending school despite their predicament. That’s why she posted photos of the boys’ struggle; hoping it would inspire other children.

It was her who paved the way for people to reach out to the boys’ family as detailed in a BuzzDF story. The response on Facebook was so overwhelming.

Because it was such an inspiring story, ABS CBN then updated people through a coverage, and Mang Mat can be seen saying: “Hindi sa lahat ng bagay na iiyakan …iiyak ka na lang. Tumayo ka diyan, maghanap ka ng solusyon. Lampasan…”

[You can’t keep crying, you have to stand up again, find a solution…overcome…]

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via You Tube channel