Video: Weightlifter allegedly snaps spine in two after a daredevil lift at the gym

  • A video emerged online showing a weightlifter lifting a massive barbell from the floor who then suddenly freezes and falls on the floor
  • A photo allegedly showing the weightlifter’s spine snapped in two has also emerged online
  • Many have doubted the authenticity of the incident and claimed that the footage and X-Ray are not genuine

A recent video emerged online which might as well serve as a reminder to be extra careful with regards to lifting weights.

Rachel Bishop, in a Mirror Co UK  story, shared that a weightlifter allegedly snapped his spine in two as he was deadlifting weights in the gym.

In a video, the gym buff man can be seen lifting a massive barbell from the floor and then he suddenly freezes. His face suddenly shows a wince of pain, he squeezes his fists as he then stumbles about.

Near end of the video, the man is seen crumpling to the floor and collapses onto one of the weights.

A gory X-Ray photo, later uploaded on Imgur purportedly shows the man’s snapped spine.

Despite the severity of the injury seen in the X-ray, the man reportedly survived the incident. However, little is known of what happened to him after the incident — if the vid is legit, that is.

The footage, which was uploaded on YouTube, caught the attention of thousands of online users. It is not clear when and where the video clip was recorded, but it appears that it is from a CCTV within a gym.

Meanwhile, many have doubted the authenticity of the incident and claimed that the footage and X-Ray are not genuine.

“Seriously if he sheared his spine like that he would die right there – he passed out,” said by YouTube user gamebred26.

Other commenters pointed out that the man simply fainted.

“Looks more like a faint to me. If he broke his back his legs would collapse not get stiff,” YouTube user David Sandlin said.

“Look at the lumbar part of the spine shifting backwards in the ‘X-ray’, yet he falls on his back, that just doesn’t make sense. If anything, that vertebra would slide forward, not backwards if the point of impact was that crushed vertebra,” another commenter pointed out.

Watch the video here: