[Viral] Singer-actress Kristel Fulgar’s cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘Versace on the Floor’ wows netizens

  • Singer-actress Kristel Fulgar once again captured the attention of a lot of people online because of her cover
  • This time, Fulgar made her cover of Bruno Mars’ popular song ‘Versace on the Floor’
  • As of posting, her cover has gained more than 400,000 views, 51,000 reactions,  and 17,000 shares

Singer-actress Kristel Fulgar once again caught the attention of many people online because of her cover. This time, it’s Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor”.

On Facebook, Fulgar shared the video of her version of the song on Facebook, where it immediately gained thousands of reactions, shares, and views in just a few hours after it was posted.

“She’s a goldmine if Star records only have the ears for real talent,” Facebook user B.L. commented.

“Wow! Just wow! So smooth!” C.T. said.

“She has an angelic voice. I love it,” wrote M.L.

A Facebook user even said that she appreciated the song even more because of Fulgar’s version.

Some, on the other hand, think her voice is good but the song does not suit her well.

She did it again! In just few hours after posting her Versace on the Floor cover, Kristel Fulgar immediately gained thousands of Facebook reactions, shares and views. Watch:

Fulgar has been known for making covers and posting them on her Facebook and YouTube accounts. One of her most popular videos is her “singing while driving” version of Love Yourself,  which gained over six million views. Watch it here:

Fans and followers also love Fulgar’s covers with her close friend, singer-actor CJ Navato.  Here’s their cover of Secret Love Song, which gained more than 12 million views: