[Viral Video] Compilation of Best Japanese Commercials for 2016

  • Watch the 13-minute compilation video of the ‘best’ Japanese Ads
  • Japanese ads are described as bizarre, unusual, strange and funny
  • Compilation of Japanese ads uploaded on Youtube went viral

Bizarre, unusual, strange, funny — these words have been used to describe advertisements of Japan; showing that the Japanese are also great in producing commercials just like their animes.

Hence, in a 13-minute commercial compilation by JPCMHD on YouTube,  a number of Japanese ads on noodles, online shop, phone, bank, mineral water, and more were compiled and shared with online users.

According to the uploader, the selection process for the ads to be included on their ‘best of 2016’ was really tough; considering that there are more than 2,200 commercials to evaluate.

As of posting, the video has gone viral and is being shared on popular video sharing sites and pages.

Japan commercials are not only popular in their own country but are also well-known worldwide.

Netizens who watched the video expressed their gratitude to the uploader and gave their own pick among the ads compiled wherein the last one seems to be the common favorite.

“The girl in the end is the best.. she is so damn happy!”

“No matter how many times I see this one it’s just always the best.”

Watch the Best Japanese Advertisements Compilation below: