[Watch] Chinese chef busts awesome moves while cooking special noodle dish

  • A Chinese chef wows as he dances to a beat while preparing a noodle dish
  • He uses a single piece of really long noodle to make the dish aptly called “one noodle”
  • The chef is a local celebrity because of his antics while cooking the specialty dish

A Chinese chef wows customers not only with his impressive cooking skills but also with his awesome dance moves.

The chef, who has become an online sensation after he was filmed preparing a specialty dish using a really long piece of noodle, can be seen on the footage dancing to the beat as he throws the thin noodle to a pot of boiling water.

The video has been shared on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo and on YouTube.

In the footage, a woman shopkeeper could be heard telling customers: “There is only one noodle.”

As per the Daily Mail, the dancing chef is preparing a dish aptly called “one noodle.” Eating a bowl of this specialty noodle soup served during birthdays is said to bring good luck and longevity, according to Chinese customs.

Watch the amazing chef busts a move while preparing “one noodle:”