[Watch] Girl’s Hilarious Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Ride Goes Viral

Have you tried a Virtual Reality Ride?

Well, a Facebook video uploaded by a certain Amanda Lok, already viewed by more than 9 million online users, shows the most ‘realistic’ virtual reality machine ride by this girl from Thailand! The clip  was taken in Bangla Road, Ban Patong and dated January 24.

Quite surprising is that the VR (virtual reality) machine , a device which makes its users experience something close to the real thing (such as a roller coaster ride in this story) was complemented with a staff’s manipulation in what seemed to be an arcade.

So you can just imagine how this girl with the  head-mounted device must be feeling as she looks around her as if she’s really on board a high roller coaster. Add to that the manipulation of the staff as he shakes, pulls and pushes on the girl and the platform; making the ride a “more realistic” one!

Did she enjoy the “ride”?

Obviously, she did! And basing from the viewers’ reactions, many did, too! Hilarious comments flooded her post.

Take a look and tell me, would you care to try it, too?    ^_^


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