Watch: Heartbreaking story behind ‘Noong Ako’y Bata Pa’ viral video

  • The ‘Noong ako’y bata pa’ video has been making rounds online; even parodied by both ordinary people and celebrities
  • Two children were in the video; one is singing the Tagalog version of Dance With My Father, the other is disturbing her
  • GMA-7’s Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho searched for the children and found out the heartbreaking story behind the video

“If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him, I’d play a song that would never, ever end. How I’d love, love, love to dance with my father again.”  –  Dance With My Father

The “Noong ako’y bata pa” video of two children has been making rounds online and even parodied by both ordinary people and celebrities. But while you watch the original and the parody videos, have you ever thought of the story behind the girl’s desire to upload the video on Facebook?

On its Facebook page, the Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho team uploaded the television show’s episode which features the two children on the viral video.

The video shows 10-year-old Danica “Bilog” Tiongson singing the Tagalog version of the song Dance With My Father. She, however, was interrupted by her younger brother Bunak. Danica slapped him; telling him that she is going to upload her video on Facebook.

Annaliza Tiongson, the mother of the two, said Danica really loves to sing. That time, however, she sang in front of her older sister’s phone’s camera because she wanted to upload her video on Facebook in hopes that it will reach her dad, who already left them for another woman.

Namimiss na po ng bata iyong papa niya…. Hindi mo kayang gampanan lahat pagdating sa tatay, e. Kaya ko financially pero siyempre iyong pag-aaruga ng isang tatay hindi mo kayang ibigay iyon,” Annaliza said; noting that Danica, of the five siblings, was the closest to her dad.

[The child misses her dad. I cannot play the role of the father. I can support them financially but I cannot give the kind of love and care that only a father can give to his children.]

For weeks, Danica has been practicing the song which is about a child who longs to be with her father again. She hopes that once he watches the video, he will go home.

“Masaya po. Lagi ko po siya kasama. Siya po nanggigising sa akin ‘pag papasok ako ta’s po ngayon hindi na. Wala na siya. Nami-miss ko nga po, e,” Danica expressed.

[We were happy. I was always with him. He used to wake me up so I can go to school. But now he’s gone. I miss him.]

Watch the Kapuso Mo Jesica Soho episode last January 22, which featured the two children in viral video ‘Noong ako’y bata pa’:

Click the image to watch the video.