[Watch] Viewers baffled by BBC presenter’s “magic hands”

  • A BBC presenter baffled viewers with his “magic hands”
  • A viewer who noticed his weird hands took to Twitter and asked if Sopel moonlights as a magician in his spare time
  • In one moment, the presenter’s hands were not covered, the next, they were gloved

A BBC presenter was reporting about the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump; saying it’s hard to believe that the important event took place just last week. He said there was huge energy and lots of lots of actions as the new president starts his four-year term.

Although Jon Sopel, the BBC North America Editor, was talking about an interesting topic, the viewers appeared to be more interested in his weird hands.

In the video, Sopel could be seen expressively moving his hands as he talks. In one moment his hands were not covered, the next, they were gloved.

A viewer, Russel Joyce, noticed Sopel’s “weird magic hands” and tweeted, @BBCNews does @BBCJonSopel moonlight as a sleight of hand magician in his spare time!? #NoGloveGlove

Watch the video to see Jon Sopel’s “magic hands:”


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Mirror, YouTube