WHY SO VIRAL? Adorable little girl explains the problem with New Year resolutions and you just can’t help but agree!

“It’s not about one big moment of change, but a thousand little moments.. “

This just about sums up the message of this four-year-old girl regarding New Year resolutions in this cute video which was originally shared by TingMan on You Tube.

She’s so adorable as she explains the problem with New Year’s resolutions and what we can do to help make ourselves better.

The caption on the You Tube vid goes: “Inspired by Paul Tripp, my daughter and I put together a little video about New Year’s resolutions and where real change actually happens.”

Proud parent, Ming Dao Ting, of this lovely girl has again shared this video on Facebook with the caption: “My turn to pass this on 🙂 Might be a year old, but I’d still love to share this message at the dawn of a new year. May you find joy and change in the thousands of little moments.”

So many were inspired and entertained with this vid and there’s absolutely no wonder why!  A page who shared it even garnered more than 7.1 million views and nearly 185K shares!

“Wonderful words of wisdom given by the cutest little girl with an adorable voice,” Christine K. G. said.

Marie Angelie, a netizen, reacted: “Your daughter has a gift of sending out a message. She is a stand out now and i wonder how she will impact our world when she’s an adult. God bless you and your family.”

“Ming, congratulations! You & your husband have done a marvelous job raising your daughter. I have never seen a more articulate 4 yr old, she understands exactly what she is saying and her expressions are priceless. Very beautiful child. One question if I may…………….did shd get a bike?” — one commenter,  said on Facebook.

Check it out yourself in this original video copy!