Woman who spent $12,000 on plastic surgery gets her face disfigured after friend attacked her

  • Woman spent $12,338 for a plastic surgery
  • Tian claimed the surgery gave her white skin, big eyes, and high nose bridge
  • But her best friend Hu attacked her one night and disfigured her face – needs surgery again

Tian, a woman from China who had undergone a $12,338-worth of plastic surgery, got her face disfigured after three rounds of battle with her best friend according to Viral4Real.

The woman, as published on Stomp, was very pleased with the result of the surgery and said it gave her “white skin, big eyes, and high nose bridge”.

But her best friend of five years, who was also reported to have undergone a less expensive plastic surgery, wasn’t pleased and decided to attack her one night, as claimed by Tian.

The attack took place on January 15 wherein, according to Tian, Hu wants to damage her face so she would take another surgery.

Tian’s face has been disfigured with scars and dark marks around her face.

But it is not only Tian who’s badly scarred, as Hu’s face was damaged as well and needs plastic surgery too.

According to Hu, she was enraged after the woman teased her because of her poor financial situation leading her to initiate the fight as per a Sun (UK) story.

Hu did not comment on the claim that she wanted to disfigure her friend’s face on purpose.

Hangzhou police’s investigation is ongoing.