13 high-value target detainees escape PDEA jail in Pampanga

  • Thirteen PDEA detainees reportedly escaped jail in Pampanga
  • All were considered as high-value targets rounded up earlier in an operation
  • The PDEA have sought the help of other provinces in hunting down the fugitives

MANILA, Philippines – Thirteen detainees, all considered high-value targets by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) have reportedly escaped from detention inside Camp Olivas in San Fernando, Pampanga.

The detainees bolted out of jail early morning Sunday by cutting the bars using a hack saw, said a report from ABS-CBN News. They were rounded up earlier in an illegal drug operation where authorities yielded an undisclosed amount of shabu.

PDEA-Central Luzon director Juvenal Azurin said the suspects are facing illegal drugs charges, a non-bailable offense. The PDEA official also suspected the jail break could be an inside job.

“Those who are involved, or personnel with security lapses, will be dealt accordingly if we found out that they indeed are responsible on the jailbreak of the detainees,” said Azurin.

PDEA has since deployed a response team to track the fugitives and have alerted concerned agencies of nearby provinces of Bulacan and Tarlac, as well as other local authorities in Pampanga.

A massive manhunt had been launched and agents were sent to the addresses of the inmates to track down their possible whereabouts.


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