A real V-Day Girl: Conceived on Valentine’s day, baby born with heart-shaped birthmark on forehead

  • A little girl conceived on Valentine’s Day has a heart-shaped birthmark on her forehead
  • Parents are overjoyed as it makes their baby more beautiful and reminds them of their commitment
  • Doctors say birthmark may disappear after 4-5 years though but could possibly also appear later in life

What to say, right? Nothing except – beautiful.

This baby here, Tiny Poppy-Rae, was reportedly conceived on Valentine’s Day and what makes her extra special is that she has the mark to prove it – a lovely heart-shaped birthmark on her forehead.

She was born in November of 2015 at the Pilgrim Hospital in Lincolnshire, weighing 8lbs 4oz; a happy baby who’s in the pink of health, so to speak. And the proud parents –  Jade Sparham and Liam Scaife – were so stunned upon seeing their newborn having that distinctive and so symbolic mark, as disclosed in an article by Laura Hodkinson and Chelsea Heatley which was published on Mirror Co Uk.

Quick maths led to the revelation of when their baby was conceived; as shared by the equally lovely mother, Jade, who’s 20 years old, and who came from Skegness, Lincs.

She said: “I couldn’t believe when we spotted the heart on her head, especially after we worked out that she was conceived on Valentine’s Day last year.
The birthmark was initially explained by doctors to be “simply a pressure mark which would fade within a couple of hours”. However, it didn’t turn out that way, as two days later, the parents noticed the pink-colored birthmark had formed into a love-heart shape. Moreover, as the baby grew, the mark would turn an angry red when she giggled or cried.

Concern prompted Jade to take their daughter to see a GP, as they had become a little bit worried — and it was declared a birthmark.

They were so relieved to find out that the birthmark poses no health problems for their baby. The doctors also went on to say that the heart mark mark may possibly disappear at the age of 4-5, but could possibly also appear later in life.

Anyway, what matters to the couple is that it’s a reminder to them that she was born from their love and conceived on the day of love.

Jade believes it was such a lovely coincidence– which it definitely is; making Valentine’s Day extra special for their family.

Poppy-Rae is like their  very own cupid baby, she said, and presently, the couple finds it hard not to kiss their little bundle of joy.

“Now Liam and I can’t stop kissing her little face,” she added.

An online user, M. D. Jimenez said of the baby:  “I was always told that birth marks are there because angels didn’t want to let go of you… or was giving you a kiss right before you were born…”

Well, whether it’s true or not that Poppy-Rae’s heart birthmark was left by an angel, one thing is certain —  people who come across this beautiful baby with a heart shape mark on her forehead will find her story so heartwarming, especially on a day such as Valentine’s.