After everything that happened, Diego says he loves his dad Cesar so much

  • After everything that has happened between him and his dad Cesar Montano, Diego Loyzaga said he has no ill feelings towards his father
  • Diego even stated that he loves Cesar so much
  • Earlier, Diego expressed disappointments on Cesar, called the latter a hypocrite, accused him of being cowardly and a promise-breaker

Indeed, blood is thicker than water.

After everything that happened between him and his dad Cesar Montano, Diego Loyzaga said he has no ill feelings towards his father.

In an article written by Melba Llanera of PEP, it was disclosed that when asked if he’s angry with Cesar, Diego simply said that he loves his dad so much.

“Hindi, mahal ko ang tatay ko. Mahal na mahal ko ang tatay ko” he said.

[No, I’m not (angry). I love my dad. I really love my dad.]

Moreover, when asked if he’s willing to talk to Cesar regarding their personal issues, he responded: “Usap? Ilang taon na ‘yan ang hinihingi namin sa kanya. Ilang taon na.”

[Talk? We’ve been asking for that. For years.]


Earlier, using his Instagram account — which has more than 700,000 followers — Diego started posting messages blasting Cesar; saying that speaking on his posts is an “ungrateful child” who is ungrateful because his father does not even treat him like his own child.

In his first post, the young actor uploaded a photo of the word “hypocrite” and expressed disappointment that his father still thinks that he is using drugs even after he tested negative in five drug tests.

“Ito ka (hypocrite) @cesar_montano…. Magmalinis ka na, sakay ka na sa kanila, pero sariling mong anak ‘di mo ipagtatangol. Sarili mo lang! Magaling! Best actor ka nga! Ano pang gusto mo? Drug test? DNA test? Ako ba talaga anak mo?” Diego wrote.

[This is you (hypocrite), @cesar_montano…. Go clean yourself, be on their side, but you won’t even defend your own child. Only yourself! Great! Truly a best actor! What else do you want? Drug test? DNA test? Am I really your child?]

“Pang limang drug test na ipinagawa niyo sa akin, lahat negative pero lakas pa rin ng loob mo na pagbintangan akong adik…. Ramdam na ramdam ko nga na mahal mo ko. Salamat. Maka-Diyos ka pa? Panay simba ka nga pero wala kang ginawa kung hindi gumawa ng kasalanan. I think I speak on behalf of all my siblings. Sana lumabas lahat ng baho mo. Duwag!” he added.

[You asked me to be tested five times already, all those drug tests showed negative but you still had the guts to call me an addict. I can really feel your love. Thank you. And you are religious? You often go to church but you continue being a sinner. I think I speak on behalf of all my siblings. May all your stinks come out.  Coward!]

He also shared a screenshot of Cesar’s post saying that he has already paid the tuition fees of his three daughters with Sunshine, and also asked Montano about the latter’s broken promises.

“Salamat naman sa Diyos pinag-aral mo ang mga anak mo. Karapat-dapat lang naman ata ng isang ama gawin yun eh no? Pangako mo sa ‘kin? Nasaan na?” he wrote.

[Thank God you paid for your children’s education. But isn’t that a father’s duty? How about your promise to me? Where is it?]