Alvarez to replace Arroyo as House deputy speaker

  • Speaker Alvarez will remove former President Arroyo as House deputy speaker because of her opposition to death penalty bill
  • Alvarez said he is not making a threat to the members of the House but only wants the majority to support a leadership bill
  • It was during Arroyo’s term in Malacañang that the death penalty was abolished

MANILA, Philippines – Because of her opposition to the reimposition of death penalty, former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be replaced as deputy speaker of the Lower House, this was according to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

It was during Arroyo’s presidency that the death penalty was abolished. Alvarez once served in Arroyo’s Cabinet as Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC).

The former president was elected as deputy speaker in the 17th Congress immediately after Alvarez’s assumption of the Lower House leadership.

However, on Wednesday Alvarez said he may have to remove Arroyo from the post if she voted against the death penalty bill.

“We have to replace her as Deputy Speaker. I already asked the majority leader to talk to her,” said Alvarez.

“Leadership bill ito, kung hindi ka sang-ayon sa liderato, it will be awkward na kasama sa leadership tapos ‘di ka sumasama,” he added.

[This is a leadership bill, if you disagree with the leadership, it will be awkward that you are with us but you are against us.]

However, Alvarez clarified that this is not a threat to the other members of Congress who warned him that his position could cost him the support of the majority.

“No, I am not (threatening anyone). It is the policy of the leadership. Because I am not forcing anyone to go with me,” the Speaker stressed.

In December last year, Arroyo said in a press conference that she has relayed to Duterte her position on the controversial bill.

“I spoke with President Duterte about that, it’s alright with him if I oppose the death penalty,” the former president said.