Interested? Japan in need of Pinoy housekeepers, monthly salary is more than P70,000

• Japan has recently opened its doors to workers from other countries
• Thousands of housekeepers are needed
• An average monthly salary of $1,500 or about P74,000 awaits successful applicants

Japan has recently opened its doors to workers from others countries to help its graying population and to address its dwindling workforce. It is targeting migrant workers who would do household chores so that Japanese women will be encouraged to join the country’s workforce.

The Magsaysay Global Services is now looking for housekeepers for deployment to Japan. It requires only females with one year domestic-household work experience; 28 to 45 years old and preferably with NCII (National Certificate) for Household Services or Domestic Work from TESDA.

Successful applicants will be trained by Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts for at least 200 hours. The company said no fees would be collected from applicants.

According to InterAksyon, once in Japan, the housekeepers will be employed and deployed by Pasona Group, Magsaysay Global Services’ Japanese partner. They will earn an average monthly salary of $1,500 or about P74,000.

Watch TV Patrol’s report about the housekeeping work opportunity in Japan: