Baffled kin, friends ask for help to locate missing Pinoy nurse in Houston

  • A Filipino male nurse went missing in Houston, Texas
  • His sister was baffled by his disappearance because he is a responsible and result-oriented person
  • The nurse’s car with a personalized plate that reads “CHUBEE” is also missing

A male Filipino nurse has gone missing in Houston, Texas since February 16.

According to News Fix, 44-year-old Glenser “Glenn” Soliman, a nursing supervisor at St. Luke’s Hospital for more than a decade, vanished without a trace.

Soliman’s sister, Arlene Lantion, said she last spoke with Glenn on the night of February 15 when he was about to attend a church worship service. It was the last time she spoke with her brother. He did not show up to work the following morning. His car, a BMW X5 with a personalized plate that reads “CHUBEE,” is also missing.

Lantion said they went to Glenn’s house on Spring City Court, expecting to find him sick in his bed, but he wasn’t there. The baffled Lantion said it was not like him to vanish just like that; saying her brother is a responsible and result-oriented person.

What worries her is that Glenn has several health issues.

“He has sleep apnea. He cannot sleep properly without his machine. He has hypertension, high cholesterol, he’s diabetic, he needs his medications,” Lantion said.

Lantion and friends are hoping that the flyers they handed out would help in finding Glenn.