Bida ang luha? Jollibee releases third Valentine’s ad (and it’s a real tear-jerker)

MANILA, Philippines – Did someone order a Burger Yum —  with extra onions?

A day after carrying virtually everyone in the online community on an emotional rollercoaster ride, Jollibee went and upped the ante by releasing the third and arguably the most tear-jerking of its Valentine’s Day-themed ads.

Directed by Pepe Diokno, “Date” shows a young man named Joey following his father’s instructions  to prepare a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner inside a Jollibee function room for his mother.

As the mother finally meets up with her son inside the room, it is assumed that the father would join them shortly.

However, just like the two previous ads, a plot twist shows that Joey was in fact listening to a pre-recorded video message by his father who is revealed to be dying from a terminal illness. In the recording, he greets his wife a happy Valentine’s Day and apologizes for not being able to celebrate it with her.  He then tells both her and his son to cheer up and remember that he will always love them.

“Para sa pagmamahalang walang katapusan [For the love that never ends],” read the ending line and the apparent theme of the ad.

Like its two forerunners, this ad is also supposedly also based on a true story. It’s the third in the fast-food chain’s #KwentongJollibeeValentineSeries showing a series of heartrending commercials.

The first one, titled “Vow”, features a man who promises to be there for the woman he loves even as she ends up with someone else. The second, titled “Crush”, shows a man who seemingly does not win the girl of his dreams at the start but eventually ends up with her in the end.

The videos have gone viral on social media since their release.

Watch “Date”:

Watch “Vow” and “Crush” again:

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