British found guilty of plotting to join the Abu Sayyaf Group

• A British national was found guilty of trying to join the Abu Sayyaf Group in Zamboanga
• The man had booked a flight to Zamboanga last July 13, 2016 before his arrest
• Authorities seized from him documents that give advice to people who wants to go to Syria and join the ISIS and a bomb-making manual

Ryan Counsell, a 28-year-old British supermarket worker, was convicted by Woolwich Crown Court in southeast London of plotting to join the Philippine terrorist Group Abu Sayyaf.

As per Japan Times, Counsell was found guilty of preparing to engage in acts of terrorism, especially having a bomb-making manual – a copy of Al Qaeda’s online magazine Inspire containing the article titled “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom” – and acquiring various military-style clothes and equipment. Authorities also found in his possession documents that provide advice to those who wants to go to Syria to join the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

A lawyer for the state Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) told the court that the documents seized from Counsell showed that “he had a profound and enduring interest in extremist Islam, jihad and the propaganda of Islamic State and similar groups.”

Last year, on July 13, Counsell had booked a flight to Zamboanga; claiming his trip was for charitable relief work in an aid camp.

Sue Hemming, head of the CPS counter-terror division, said “Ryan Counsell meticulously planned his attempt to join a terrorist organization which is responsible for atrocities across the Philippines.”

The court will sentenced Counsell on March 3, 2017.


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