Century-old wedding dress lost at a dry cleaners now found

  • A 150-year-old wedding dress got lost in a dry cleaners
  • Tess Newall brought the dress to a dry cleaner in September but the shop closed in October
  • After posting a viral message on Facebook, the dress was finally found in the old shop

Good things really do happen.

Early this month, Tess Newall of Scotland wrote on Facebook that her great great grandmother’s wedding dress worn in 1870 got lost in a dry cleaners that shut down a month after they had the dress for cleaning.

Newall, 29, had the gown altered and wore it for her wedding in June last year. She brought the dress to Wulie & Bisset for dry cleaning in September only for the shop to close in October due to Bankruptcy.

The Facebook  post that opened with “PLEASE HELP FIND THE DRESS!” had gotten more than 300,000 shares.

But just a few days after her post, Newall received a phone call from the landlord of the property where the shop used to stand.

“He checked what was left by the administrators (Wylie & Bisset) and found a crumpled heap of antique lace on the floor. My mum and dad have just been let into the shop and to their amazement and joy it is our dress! (still with our ticket, despite W&B stating in a letter this morning that it was not there and must have been “disposed of”),” wrote Newall in another Facebook post.

She said that she was so “over the moon” for finally finding the 150-year-old family heirloom.

The dress will be delivered to her parents’ house on Monday after a representative from the laundrymat contacted them that it must be taken first to their office in Glasgow before giving it to them. She claimed in her post that the shop only reached out to them now after weeks of ignoring their pleas.

In a feature by BBC, Newall said she will still have the dress cleaned but this time by a lace specialist to ensure it will never be out of their sight again.

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