[COMMENTARY] “Tokhang for Ransom:” Alternative for Retiring PNP Officers?

One theory that can be explored from the snafued derivatives of “tokhang,” the “tokhang for ransom”, which prompted General “Bato” dela Rosa to offer his resignation out of humiliation, could be the anxiousness among the Senior Police Officers reaching the retirement age of 56 without gaining yet material wealth.

To think that temptations abound in their midst, yet they would retire with modest wealth: that’s unthinkable (or so it would seem). That could be interpreted as a lame duck of them. Others probably think they wasted their lucrative career for nothing and could be a subject of ridicule from among their peers who has retired filthy rich.

The killing of a Korean national, Jee Ick Joo, right at the bastion of public safety in Camp Crame, — allegedly masterminded by a Senior Police Officer, Rafael Dumlao, and allegedly executed by SP03 Ricky Sta. Maria as the henchman, meanwhile that they extort money from the family of an already dead body; and to top it off, detestably flushed Joo’s ashes in the toilet after cremation — is pure evil. That dastard act is indicative of haste; getting filthy rich before they reach 56 for their retirement age.

This puts the credibility of the Philippine National Police in the crucible. The momentum they have gained in their campaign against illegal drugs eroding fast as the corrupt and the scalawags in the PNP’s ranks upgraded their modus to “tanim droga” as an aid for kidnap-for-ransom activities. These Senior Police Officers, most probably sensing illegal drugs does not anymore provide a viable racket (not until Duterte finishes his term), they must switch to another racket.

On a final note, disbanding all the anti-illegal drug agencies and focusing on cleansing the ranks of corrupt and scalawags on the PNP’s hierarchy would probably improve PNP’s image. But — they must be watchful, too, of those senior police officers approaching 56 of retirement age.  They may be tempted to launch their last hurrah to get filthy rich.

Goodluck, PNP!