Construction crane collapses on houses in Cebu City

  • A mall construction was suspended after a crane collapsed on houses in Cebu City
  • A female resident was injured in the incident
  • The OBO-Cebu had asked the construction company for an explanation

A construction of a shopping mall in Cebu City has been ordered suspended after a crane collapsed on four houses and injured a woman.

Engineer Josefa Ylanan, acting Office of the Building Official-Cebu City chief, ordered the construction company Metro Dyna Build Incorporated (MDBI)  to halt the construction of a two-storey City Mall along Natalio Bacalso Avenue after one of its cranes crashed down on nearby houses past 8 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22.

“In the meantime, I gave an order to suspend all the works until such time they will be able to explain, do something about the crane, and the affected areas,” the Inquirer quoted Engineer Ylanan as saying.

32-year-old Elenita Navasca said she was with her 5-year-old niece in their bedroom when she heard a loud thud and the lights went out. She said she quickly grabbed the child and ran out of the room and then she noticed that her knee was bleeding. She was rushed to a hospital.

The construction company, through one of its engineers, assured the affected families of support.

“We admit that what happened was an accident. We promise to shoulder the expenses and to pay for the damage incurred,” Joseph Toreja, assistant engineer of MDBI, said.