Daughter of hardworking jeepney driver: Strike not merely about traffic or class suspensions

  • Daughter of jeepney driver lamented school and public reception to transport strike
  • She said hardworking father and peers gave up a day’s wages to send their message
  • She encouraged everyone to understand the situation from their perspective

MANILA, Philippines – It’s not just about getting a free pass from classes or work (or the dilemma of how to get to the office).

In a lengthy Facebook post, Hya Bendaña, a scholar at the Ateneo de Manila, lamented her school’s reaction to Monday’s transport strike and said it was not just about class suspensions.

“It’s not simply just about suspension or figuring out how to get the students to Ateneo de Manila,” she said. “This is about being in solidarity to those who are willing to sacrifice one day of their earnings to make a statement, to be heard because they are always relegated to the sidelines.”

Bendaña then revealed how her father had to give up a day’s wage which he works so hard for just to help his peers get their message across. Her father’s hardships, she pointed out, include sleeping on the floor of his jeepney and skipping meals just so he could send more money for their family back in the province.

Describing her father as a hardworking man willing to sacrifice for his family, Bendaña said she’s ashamed at how her school and the public in general views the transport strike as a mere inconvenience and is encouraging them to look at it from their point of view also.

“Schoolmates, Ateneo de Manila, everyone, this is not just about suspension or traffic. This is about being in solidarity with those who have the courage to speak for themselves,” she said.

Bendaña’s father and other operators are protesting the planned phaseout of public utility vehicles which are more than 15 years old and the implementation of a minimum P7 million capitalization and 10 units per franchise.

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