De Lima scores Aguirre: Who’s the real coddler of drug lords now?

  • De Lima lambasted Aguirre for his belated reaction to the controversial memorandum
  • The senator said this could be an indication that the document is genuine
  • She also chided Aguirre by raising the issue of who’s the real drug lord coddler between them

MANILA, Philippines – The word war between Senator Leila De Lima and Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre continues to heat up following the controversial leaked memorandum from the latter allegedly allowing the ‘restoration’ of special treatment for convicted inmates.

Earlier, a controversial memorandum signed by Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Legal Office chief Alvin Herrera Lim  dated December 9, 2016 revealed an inter-agency meeting between the Armed Forces of the Philippines AFP), the BuCor, and the Philippine National Police (PNP) at Camp Aguinaldo  held a week earlier.

Among those discussed in the meeting was the arrangement on how the inmates would utilize the AFP Custodial Center.

The memo said that the inmates detained at AFP “continue to enjoy lavish lifestyles e.g. use of electronic gadgets, smart television sets, air conditioning units, internet, cellular phones.”

Aguirre has since denied the existence of the controversial memo and ordered an investigation.

On Thursday, De Lima lambasted Aguirre for his supposed ‘delayed reaction’ to the memo. She also noted that neither Aguirre nor BuCor chief Benjamin Delos Santos have denied the existence of the documents.

This, De Lima said, is an indication that the memorandum is genuine and not based on hearsay, as the Justice chief would like to assert.

“Bakit ngayon lang siya nag-uutos na imbestigahan ‘yang mga kontrabando na yan? Those docs speak for themselves…But then again, how can we expect Aguirre to investigate himself!” said De Lima in a statement.

The senator also raised the possibility that the memorandum was deliberately concealed or suppressed because the details disclosed therein “are very sensitive as they are explosive”.

“So sino ngayon ang mga tunay na (who is the real) protector and coddler of drug convicts/drug lords!” De Lima quipped.