Duterte to gov’t heads: Always be present in your office or face dismissal

  • President Rodrigo Duterte reminds government executives to always be present in their offices
  • He dared them that they will face summary dismissal if government requests are not processed immediately
  • Ending corruption in government is one of Duterte’s most popular campaign promises

President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his call on government reform on Monday, February 6, by ordering top government officials to avoid slacking off at work.

During the opening of Hardin ng Lunas in Malacañang, the President urged government executives to process requests within a month else, they’ll be kicked out of their posts.

“Yung mga director must report first and leave last sa opisina. They must be there all the time. Pag wala sila dito, I’m warning you ‘yang heads of offices na maghintay-hintay yung tao, I will initiate summary dismissal,” ABS-CBN quoted Duterte.

[The directors, they must be the first to report and the last to leave the office. They must be there all the time. If they are not there, I am warning you, the heads of offices where there will be people to wait, I will initiate summary dismissal.)

He even dared them: “No second chances.”

Duterte also highlighted how he is not making “special favor” for himself by choosing to take commercial flights instead of a presidential plane whenever he goes home to Davao City. The President has taken regular flights for several times since he assumed post.

Battling corruption in government is among his most popular campaign promises.

Earlier this year, Duterte told government employees to beat their deadlines at work or he will file administrative charges against them.

He also dared government appointees in August last year to vacate their posts if corruption persists in the public offices they are heading.