Epic confession: Boy publicly admits feelings for best friend in ‘Wowowin’, vid goes viral

  • ‘Wowowin’ contestant confessed his feelings for best friend in front of live audience
  • He said he had fallen for her, is willing to wait for her answer at the right time
  • Video of confession going viral in social media

MANILA, Philippines – Man, that took a lot of guts!

Currently going viral on social media is the video of a young man publicly confessing to his best friend about his feelings for her in front of a live audience (and on national television too).

The gutsy guy, a Bulacan State University student named Delfin, made his feelings known for fellow BSU pupil Vane while both were attending ‘Wowowin’.

Delfin, a contestant on the show, and Vane (who patiently lined up with him for the auditions) initially thanked each other for the support and company. Just when everyone thought the pleasantries would end right then and there, Delfin stepped up to the plate and began admitting his feelings.

“Maraming maraming salamat kasi ‘pag may problema nga ako, ‘andiyan ka. Tapos parang ‘di ko alam eh. Iba na ‘yung feeling ko,” he told Vane, much to the crowd’s delight.

[I am very grateful because whenever I have a problem, you are there. Then, I don’t know, but now I feel something different.]

Asked by his best friend to explain himself further, Delfin made it clear he had fallen in love with her.

“Iba na ‘yung feeling. In short tutal ‘andito naman na ako lubusin na natin. Ayon eh kahit ganito ako. Masabi ko lang ‘yung nararamdaman ko para sa ’yo. Vane, isa ka sa mga inspirasyon ko. Lagi kita iniisip. Ayon siguro. Eh may gusto na yata ako sa’yo,” he said.

[This feeling is different. In short, I’ll tell everything since we’re here. Even if I’m just like this. I’ll just say what I feel for you. Vane, you are one of my inspirations. I always think of you. That’s it maybe. I think I’ve fallen for you.]

Delfin added that he’s willing to wait for Vane’s answer at the right time since both of them are still students and said he’s happy with their current relationship. He also ended his confession with an epic one-liner.

“Face doesn’t matter,” he said; much to the crowd’s delight.

Video of epic confession: