‘Erring’ motorist challenges a traffic enforcer to a fistfight; find out who’s the better fighter

  • Another road rage was captured on a dash cam in Bacolod City
  • It involves a private vehicle driver and a traffic enforcer
  • The two men came to blows over traffic rules in the area
  • Unfortunately for the driver, the enforcer has some fighting skills

MANILA, Philippines – Another road rage incident has been captured on a dash cam recently involving a motorist and a traffic enforcer. The incident supposedly happened in Bacolod City.

The clip was shared on the Facebook page “Dash Cam Diaries – Bacolod” last Tuesday, February 14.

It showed an altercation between two men; one of whom was wearing a traffic enforcer’s uniform.

According to the sharer, the driver of the white car crossed an intersection without permission from the enforcer manning the area.

Out of frustration, the enforcer allegedly punched the car’s door; prompting the driver to stop and confront the former.

The confrontation quickly escalated and the two men came to blows.

Unfortunately for the driver, the traffic enforcer appears to have some boxing skills and refused to back down.

Luckily, cooler heads intervened before the fight gets worse and end up bloody.

Most commenters sided with the enforcer and even praised him for his fighting stance. Others slammed the driver for not respecting the traffic rules which could have avoided the fight.

“At last, an enforcer who actually enforces the law!” said one netizen.

Many, however, urged not only motorists, but also those enforcing the law to bring more patience on the road so this kind of road rage incident could be avoided.

Watch the video (Warning: Violent scenes may not be suitable for others. Discretion is advised):

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