Filipino nurses held by Islamic State forced to give nursing training to militants

  • A group of Filipino nurses were freed by Libyan forces from the Islamic State
  • The nurses are being repatriated from Libya to the Philippines
  • One of the nurses revealed their ordeal from the hands of the militants

A group of Filipino nurses who were held by the Islamic State revealed their ordeal at the hands of the militants during their captivity in the Libyan city of Sirte.

The nurses, 7 female and a male, and a 10-month-old baby are being repatriated from Libya to the Philippines after they were freed from the city when Libyan government forces successfully drove the terrorists from Sirte.

One of the nurses told the media that they were among the foreigners held captives by the Islamic State after the group took control of Sirte in early 2015.  She said she and her colleagues, who are medical staff of a hospital in Sirte, were forced by the militants to treat them and give them medical training.

“When they found out we were Muslim they released us but under a strict condition that we will have to work as nurses in their hospital and we had to train ISIS (Islamic State) on emergency care and nursing course,” the nurse, who was not named, said.

“It was a horrible time. Each day we lived in fear. We didn’t know what was going to happen next. And they threatened to kill us if we left Sirte,” she added.

According to Reuters, the terrorist group was defeated in Sirte in December last year, and the Filipino nurses were among the captives freed during the last stages of the battle.