Flight attendant saves teenage trafficking victim by leaving her a note in the plane’s bathroom

  • A stewardess noticed something suspicious about a teenage girl on a flight and her older companion
  • She left a note for the girl at the bathroom where the latter wrote ‘I need help’
  • The girl turned out to be a victim of human trafficking

A flight attendant of Alaska Airlines has been hailed a hero for saving a teenage girl from a human trafficking ring during a flight from Seattle to San Francisco.

Recalling how she spotted something wrong with a girl on her recent flight, 49-year-old Shelia Fedrick said she noticed the victim seated together with an older, well-dressed man.

She became suspicious not only because of the difference in appearance and the age gap between the two, but also because the girl, aged around 14 or 15, looked like “she had been through pure hell’.

When she approached their seats and tried to strike a conversation, the girl supposedly refused to speak and did not make any eye contact.

At the same time, her older companion appears to be very defensive.

Then a plan struck her – she convinced the girl to go to the bathroom where she left a note for her attached to the mirror.

“I left a note in one of the bathrooms,” Fedrick narrated. “She wrote back on the note and said ‘I need help.'”

The stewardess then informed the pilot who immediately contacted the police on the ground.

When the plane landed, authorities were already waiting at the airport and arrested the old man. The girl turned out to be a victim of human trafficking.

“I’ve been a flight attendant for ten years and it’s like I am going all the way back to when I was in training,” said the flight attendant. “And I was like, I could have seen these young girls and young boys and didn’t even know. If you see something, say something.”

She also gave her phone number to the girl on the same note she used and the two have since called each other and have been friends. The victim is now attending college.



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  1. So i guess now the human trafficers arent going to let the girls go to the bathroom or go in right after them… we shouldnt tell everything. I dont think the method of how she help shouldve been shared…

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