Footage of Kim Jong-nam’s assassination released; shows his final moments before dying

  • Footage of Kim Jong-nam’s assassination has been released in public
  • The video showed the victim’s final moments from the time of the attack until he was brought into the clinic
  • Authorities are looking for four more possible suspects

A Japanese television network has released a security camera footage showing Kim Jong-nam’s assassination inside the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia last February 13, Monday.

The CCTV footage showed Kim Jong-un’s estranged half-brother’s final moments from the time he was attacked by two women until he was brought to the airport’s clinic where he later died.

In the grainy video shared by many international news websites, Kim Jong-nam can be seen walking inside the airport checking on his flight schedule. He was waiting for his Macau-bound flight that day.

Moments later, a woman in white shirt grabbed the victim from behind in a chokehold position and tried to hold him back for a few seconds. Then another woman appears to be spraying some liquid on the victim’s face.

The two women left in haste in separate directions after the attack.

The next scene showed the North Korean walking towards an information counter; apparently to seek help. Then he seems to be telling the staff he was sprayed with some liquid on the face.

He was then referred to the airport police and later escorted to the nearby clinic where he was attended to by a number of staff.

 Kim Jong-nam was supposed to be taken to a hospital but he reportedly died before the ambulance arrived.

Meanwhile, four suspects have been arrested in connection with the assassination of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il’s once favored son.

Doan Thi Huon, 28, who is holding a Vietnamese passport, and Siti Aishah, 25, an Indonesian, are believed to be the two women who attacked Kim Jong-nam at the airport.

Aishah’s Malaysian boyfriend Muhammad Farid Bin Jalaluddin has also been detained for questioning; while a fourth suspect, identified by the man as North Korean Ri Jong Chol, was nabbed last Friday but his role in the assassination has not been revealed.

Four more suspects, all believed to be agents from North Korea remain at large and Malaysian intelligence reports said three of them boarded a plane for United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the same day.

They were identified as Hong Song Hac, 34; Ri Jae Nam, 57; O Jong Gil, 55; and Ri Ji U, 30.

Hong, Ri and O came to Malaysia on separate dates but left the country on the same day, February 13. The whereabouts of the other man named Ri remains unknown.

Watch the video: