French tourist dies in alleged drowning incident in El Nido

  • A Frenchman reportedly died from an alleged drowning incident in El Nido, Palawan
  • A local tour guide saw the victim calling for help while swimming on the beach
  • The victim was still conscious when he was brought ashore but suddenly collapsed to the ground

MANILA, Philippines – A Frenchman reportedly died from an alleged drowning incident in El Nido in Palawan on Monday, February 6.

The victim has been identified in a Palawan News article by Melba Daganta as Robert Louis Thivent, aged 71. The incident took place at Nacpan Beach, Sitio Calitang in Bgy. Bucana.

An  incident report from El Nido Coast Guard said the victim went to the beach around 9:00 am with his friend, who is also a tour guide, named Christopher Philippe Jacques Cousin.

Around one-and-a-half hour later, Thivent decided to go for a swim and was provided with a mask snorkel by Cousin.

After several minutes, a local tour guide, Rafael Manga, noticed that the victim seemed to be drowning and was asking for help. They then immediately came to the Frenchman’s rescue with the help of a boat man.

“A few minutes later, one of the local tour guides saw the victim asking for help. They immediately rescued the victim and brought him ashore,” ABS-CBN News quoted one local official as saying.

The victim was still conscious, Manga said, but suddenly collapsed to the ground.

They immediately performed CPR on the victim before rushing him to the nearby hospital. Unfortunately, Thivent was pronounced dead on arrival past 12:00 pm on the same day.

The authorities are now coordinating with the family of the victim for the necessary arrangement.