Gary V. comments on Gabriel’s marital woes, says he felt son was not ready for marriage

  • He said his son might have married because he didn’t want to be left behind
  • He also hinted about the depth of the issues his son and the latter’s wife faced

MANILA, Philippines – Speaking up on his son Gabriel Valenciano’s marital fallout with wife Tricia Centenera, artist Gary Valenciano admitted feeling unsure about his offspring’s readiness for a married life.

According to the singer, he felt his son was marrying because he didn’t want to be left behind by his brother Paolo and his friends.

“I had to apologize to him because there were times that I felt even before they got married that perhaps, Gab was trying to keep up with the Joneses. Because Jericho Rosales got married, other friends of Paolo got married, Paolo got married, and now Gab was left behind,” he told ABS-CBN.

Valenciano added he kept a watchful eye on Gabriel and Centenera after they got married.

“So when they finally did get married, even before that, I would look at my son Gabriel all the time and just watch him. And I have to trust because he seems to know exactly what he wants. So that’s when prayer really became so much a part of my life. As in a different kind of prayer… which was, ‘Lord, you just have to guide my son and touch his heart,'” he said.

While Valenciano did not delve into the issues which wrecked his son’s marriage, he described the problems the couple faced as enough to drive people crazy.

“Gab and Tricia have both been through so, so much. I mean, many people, it would drive them crazy,” he said.

Centenera, a blogger, previously claimed infidelity and emotional abuse as the reasons for the split.