Group of Filipinos spread good vibes online with its Versace on the Floor parody

A group of Filipinos has been making social media users laugh with its Versace on the Floor parody.

On Facebook, Filipino Vines shared the video of Kyle Michael Anunciacion doing a parody of Versace on the Floor, which is entitled Blue Corner Doon sa Store.

“Blue corner dun sa store! Haha laptrip! Clip by Kyle Michael Anunciacion #FVTeens #FilipinoVinerRock,” read the caption of the video.

[Blue corner in the store! Haha it’s very funny! Clip by Kyle Michael Anunciacion.]

Because of the song’s funny lyrics and the good voice of the singers, the video got a number of positive comments on Facebook. As of posting, the video has over 7,000 likes, nearly 2,000 shares, and more than 189,000 views.

Watch the video of  Blue Corner Doon sa Store:

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