Imam does not believe Duterte ordered the bombing of mosques in Davao in 1993

  • An Imam in Davao City does not believe that Duterte ordered the bombings of mosques in Davao
  • The Imam said the President still have the full support of the Muslim community in the province
  • Former cop Arturo Lascañas said Duterte, as mayor of Davao City, ordered the bombings of mosques

The Muslim community in Davao City continues to believe in President Rodrigo Duterte despite the former police officer Arturo Lascañas’ statement that it was Duterte, then the Davao City mayor, who ordered the bombing of mosques in the city as retaliation for the bombing of a cathedral.

Abubacar Camid Dima, Imam and presidente of Hidayah Mosque & Madrasah in Bankerohan, Davao City said the Muslim community in the city does not believe in the allegation made by the self-confessed leader of the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS).

According to Bombo Radyo, Dima said President Duterte has their 100% support and belied Lascañas’ statement.

He added, it’s impossible that President Duterte was behind the bombings of mosques because he is the only leader who showed true concern to Muslims.

During a press conference on Monday, February 20, the former police officer said that in 1993 Duterte paid the DDS P300,000 after they bombed several mosques in Davao upon the mayor’s order.


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