Incredible! Cops were lucky to be outside when huge trailer crashes onto a police car due to strong wind

  • A huge trailer was knocked down by strong wind at an interstate in Wyoming
  • The truck skidded before crashing onto a parked police car
  • Fortunately, the cops were outside the vehicle assisting other motorists
  • The trailer driver and his passenger were also unhurt

Cops from the Wyoming Highway Patrol escaped certain death when the vehicle they were using was crashed onto by a huge trailer because of the strong wind.

Fortunately, they were outside the vehicle assisting other motorists when the accident happened in the Interstate 80 in Elk Mountain in Southern Wyoming.

The dramatic footage was captured on a dash cam of another police car.

In the video uploaded by Wyoming police to serve as a warning to other drivers about the dangers of driving in high wind, a police car can be seen parked by the roadside.

Moments later, a huge rig appeared and started skidding on the highway before being toppled by the wind; crashing over the police vehicle.

The car recording the incident also almost got hit but was lucky enough that the trailer missed it by a few feet.

According to Lt. David Wagener of Wyoming Highway Patrol, the trailer was traveling at a reduced speed of 30-35 miles per hour when it got knocked down by a 90-mph gusts.

The truck driver and his other passenger were unhurt, but is facing misdemeanor charges. The police car was also a total wreck.

“We were attempting to salvage as much equipment as we could,” Wagener told CNN. “They couldn’t even get into the trunk initially to get equipment out.”

The incident prompted the authorities to issue a warning.

“The Wyoming Highway Patrol wants to remind you to always heed high wind advisories and closures. You never know whose life may depend on it,” it said.

Watch the dramatic footage:

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