Inday Sara sarcastically “confirms” fake news on her death

  • Inday Sara was victimized by fake news
  • A fake news site called Mega News 360 said she was rushed to a hospital due to chest pains and died
  • The Davao City Mayor took to Instagram and sarcastically “confirmed” her death

Davao City Mayor and Presidential daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio, known to her constituents as Inday Sara, “confirmed” her death first reported by a fake news site called Mega News 360.

On her Instagram account, Inday Sara sarcastically wrote:

“We regret to confirm the untimely demise of Inday Sara. It is truly sad for those who sincerely love her and a happy day for those who hate her guts. Before she died she requested for a private wake for family members only. Please omit flowers and pray that she goes to heaven and not hell. She will be buried alongside nothing in her prepaid memorial lot in Davao City. Thank you.”

According to the fake news, Inday Sara was rushed to a hospital due to chest pains and died. The fake news site even said that her brother, Davao City Vice mayor Paolo Duterte, took to Twitter to express sadness over his sister’s death.

The writer of the fake news mistakenly used the word “Philippian” to refer to Filipinos, so it can be deduced that whoever wrote it is a foreigner.

Here’s the partial text of the fake news: