Indonesian maid shocked to find kidney had been removed in Qatar without her knowledge

  • An Indonesian woman started complaining of back pain
  • The doctors told her one of her kidneys had been removed
  • The victim narrated her story when she was still working as a housemaid in Qatar
  • Local authorities believe it could be a case of human organ trafficking

An Indonesian migrant worker was shocked after being told by doctors in a local hospital that one of her kidneys is missing.

The 25-year-old woman, identified by The Jakarta Post as Sri Rabitah, said she worked as a housemaid for a Palestinian family in Qatar back in 2014. She was expecting to work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but ended up in another country.

According to Rabitah, on her third day of work, her employer asked her to go for a medical check-up. She was administered anesthesia and was unaware she was operated on.

“Without permission, I received an injection. How come a medical needed an injection? The doctor said I was feeling weak, so I was told to relax,” recalled Rabitah.

The next day she woke up with stitches in the stomach but was not offered any explanation. She was sent home and was deemed fit to work.

However, a few months later, her employer returned her to the agency and she was sent again to another employer. The following months saw her falling ill frequently; prompting the agency to send her home to Indonesia.

But she kept complaining about back pain and her mother urged her to go to the hospital. The doctors informed the woman that one of her kidneys is missing.

Local authorities believe Rabitah’s case could be that of human organ trafficking. The victim claimed to have been abused too by her employers.

“I want the government to sue the perpetrator. My kidney was stolen,” said the victim.

The woman is scheduled to undergo operation anytime this week but the Indonesian government has yet to take a step on her complaint.